Update: Dallas shooting: Snipers kill 5 officers during protests

Update: Dallas shooting: Snipers kill 5 officers during protests

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fifth police officer has died following a shooting at a protest in downtown Dallas, the Police Department tweeted. Protesters were marching against the fatal shootings of two African-American men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota when the gunshots started. – A total of 10 police officers were shot during the protests, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. An 11th officer was shot during an exchange of gunfire with one of the suspects, authorities said.– Brown said it’s unclear how many suspects were involved, but three people are in custody.– Dallas police have been negotiating and exchanging gunfire with a suspect at a parking garage in downtown for 45 minutes, he said.– “The suspect has told our negotiators that the end is coming,” Brown said.– The suspect told negotiators more officers are going to be hurt, and added that there are bombs planted all over downtown Dallas.Two of the shooters were snipers, who shot from an “elevated position” and fired on officers “ambush-style,” he said.– Officers killed included one DART officer and two Dallas police officers. DART, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency, operates buses and commuter rail in the city and surrounding suburbs.– The Dallas Police Department circulated a photo of a man they said was a suspect in the shooting, but later called him a person of interest and said he turned himself in.Ads By Google google_ad_client = “ca-pub-9082264144657552”; /* adnewsinside */ google_ad_slot = “6298317916”; google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 250; — Witness Ismael Dejesus said he filmed the shooter from his hotel balcony about 50 yards away. He described the gunman as wearing tactical pants and a tactical shirt. He had a weapon with a “pretty big magazine,” he said.– “He got out of there, walked over to the pillar, put a magazine in and started firing,” he said. “It did look planned. He knew where to stand, he had ammo ready.”– Retired FBI special agent Steve Moore said the attack may have been planned in advance.– “This was an attack planned long before– waiting for an opportunity to go,” Moore said. “I think there was so much logistically, ammunition-wise. They may not have planned the location, they may not have planned the vantage point. But they had prepared for an attack before last night’s shooting is my guess.”– President Barack Obama has been notified on the shooting, and his team is keeping him updated on the situation, the White House said. – See more at: http://hiiraan.com/news4/2016/July/106323/update_dallas_shooting_snipers_kill_5_officers_during_protests.aspx#sthash.tjOsHMMw.dpuf

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