Somalia and Kenya Presidents Discuss Over Mulling their Ties

Somalia and Kenya Presidents Discuss Over Mulling their Ties

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NAIROBI: The presidents of Somalia and Kenya, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Uhuru Kenyatta had discussions today on mulling and strengthening the ties of the two neighbor countries.

The two heads of states had a lengthy discussion over the security of the two countries, the Somali refugees living in Kenya, economic cooperation, transport vis a-vis the two nations and regional and international issues.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud indicated his will and readiness for the consolidation of the trade relations between the two countries and for the two countries to overcome any existing challenges collectively.

‘The only option that is there for Somalia and Kenya is to live as good neighbors and to have a good cooperation. We assure you that Somalia will adhere to the friendship and the brotherly ties with Kenya’. President Hassan said.

President Uhuro said Somalia and Kenya do share a lot and the intent is to live in peace and harmony as well as prosperity through collaboration among the peoples of the two countries.

‘I believe that Somalia and Kenya were one single country which was divided by the colonialists. Apparently, we are one people who share everything. My government and the people of Kenya are dedicated to support Somalia’. President Uhuru said.

The two presidents will have more discussions tomorrow where they are expected to hold a press conference.

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