Al Shabab vows ‘continued’ attacks in Somalia

Al Shabab vows ‘continued’ attacks in Somalia

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Al Shabab militants threatened they will increase targeted attacks on Somali government institutions, the African Union peacekeepers and as well as the United Nations agencies operating in the country.

The group’s spokesperson Sheik Ali Mahmoud Raghe (Sheik Ali Dhere) threatened that Somali government officials will have no place to hide from his fighters, stating that they will be attacked and killed where ever they go,including streets and government compounds.

“The Mujahideens attacked the compound where they were drawing so-called laws against the Islamic law—the intention of the Mujahideens was to completely destroy the building and Allah made possible for them to enter inside the building killing their soldiers as well as a number of AMISOM troops” Sheik Ali Dhere said in his speech which was aired from Al Shabab’s Al Andalus Radio.

The spokesman said that his men killed more than 30 people and wounded scores of others during the operation, which lasted for several hours before Somalia’s specially trained Gaashaan forces contained the situation.

“You see that with Allah’s will the Mujahideens came to you inside the place where you were meeting—today you you’ve been spared and we are calling on you to change your beliefs of drawing and implementing a man made law rather than that Allah has sent down and if you don’t do so then such attacks will continue” the militants spokesman said directing his speech to the Somali lawmakers.

He threatened that if the parliamentarians do not listen to the call, his fighters will kill every single politician hunting them in the streets and in government buildings.

Sheik Ali Dhere said this was the last warning being sent to the members of the Somali parliament.

He also said that such targeted attacks against African Union peacekeepers in Somalia (AMISOM) and the United Nations agencies operating in the country will increase until they will have withdrawn from the country.

The speech by AL Shabab spokesman comes nearly 24 hours after his fighters raided Somali parliament building killing several soldiers on Saturday – See more at:

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